Disappearing save files


I want to ask all of you if you've had any problems with disappearing save files and if you've found any fixes for it yourself?

It's not fun when a save file disappears, so I'm asking if it's something many of you have come across with my game.

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the last update i fully completed (xp-grinded to get the best gear, checked out all the secret areas, talked to all the npcs, etc etc) the game was update 0.4 :T since i would have had to restart every update if i downloaded each version, i took a break and just came back to start up 0.7 since a lot has probably happened since then. i love the dialogue, love the style of humor, the illustrations, the plot, the easter eggs, everything!! this game feels unique among other queer erotica rpgs and yall out here doin the work of the people! its just a lot to recomplete every time, you feel?

Yes it happen to me I thought I didn't save it but I remember going to the statue with a nice butt and saving


It happened to me with the first 3 updates, with each update it was to start over, so I wait for the game to be ready and play it again, because it makes me happy, but it saddens me that all my progress is lost.

it happened to me only when a new phase started but i thought this was intentional since old save files didn't work anymore. Otherwise i had no issues with safe files.

i did to many times actually and is annoying i have to restart the game a new

Fortunately, I didn't encounter any issues with the savefiles~