Small on Top Public build 0.8!

Small on Top Public build 0.8


It's time for a new public update! 

Here's what's new in this build!

-A new beach map

-3 new events

How to bring the old save  to the new version

You can bring saves from 0.7 to 0.8. Copy the "save" folder from the "www" folder inside the 0.7 build's  folders and paste it in the "www" folder of the 0.8 build.

Patreon is also getting a new patreon version (v0.26) it has A LOT of events and new stuff  so remember to check that out. And if you're able to support me making this game I would be so grateful! Even spreading the word of this game helps. It is a passion project and people who support me make it possible for me to work on it with monthly updates!


Small On Top Public 0.8.rar 257 MB
Feb 03, 2021
Small On Top Public 265 MB
Feb 03, 2021

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bless with that save file fix

Hey, i was wondering, besides the beach is there anything else new to go along with this build. Ive done everything at the beach (I think). Am I missing something else? I mean i dont really want any spoilers, but like if theres nothing much else Im not sure if theres much other point in looking everywhere else. Thanks alot anyways, Ill definetly think about supporting you on patreon aswell

This build was a bit smaller. I don't want the public build to come too close to the patreon build just yet.

Ah okay, so the beach is the only new part? I mean thats totally fine, just want some confirmation. Also is the patreon build different to this build, is it just earlier access. 

The patreon version has much more content and is a lot ahead. The public build has been catching up so I've had to slow it down a bit for now.