Small On Top 0.27 Patreon build


Thank you all for the support you give, it means a lot to me! The monthly update base wouldn't be possible without it. I'm glad to say that this game pays my rent and I'm so thankful of that I can do something I love for a job!

The new event is on the 2nd floor of Fire Dungeon. There is a preset save played there so you can experience it, without starting a new save. The 2nd boss of the dungeon can also be seen at the end of the 2nd floor. No fighting just yet.

Horny Pervert and the Beta have new ACT skills which change their battles quite a bit. The both also have new forms!

There's lots of new art at the pirate ship, which is still under construction.

Quest Journal is a new, big gameplay change. There are about 8 quests in the game as of now if I remember correctly

There are lots of other stuff too, you can find the change logs here if you're a patron!

Go to the new build here!

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cuando estará completo y cuanto costara?

I can't find the wizard, someone can please tell me where is it ?

He's in the Fire Dungeon Floor 2 at the left side of the room before the 2nd boss.

Uhmm, I wonder if it's okay to ask here, but is there anyway to swim on the beach on the far-right side of the cave?

(4 edits)

1. If you mean the beach before you go inside the cave. There is a chest where you can find Speedo armor. Put them on the bunny and then you can jump into the water right next to the chest. There is a small dark blue circle on the water, it means you can dive into the sea!

2. If you mean the small beach inside the Fire Dungeon (when you go right from the start of the fire dungeon). You can swim there but you need to go to the beach before the cave first (see 1.). When you dive there first there is an NPC who gives you the ability to breath underwater.

3. If you mean the beach where the pirate ship is, you can't swim there.

Oh~ thanks for the tips!