Small On Top public build 0.9

Small on Top Public build 0.9


It's time for a new public update! 

Here's what's new in this build!

-A new underwater map

-The dock bathroom events unlocked!

-4 new events (I think that's correct!)

How to bring the old save  to the new version

You can bring saves from 0.7 or 0.8 to 0.9. Copy the "save" folder from the "www" folder inside the older build's folders and paste it in the "www" folder of the 0.9 build.

Patreon is also getting a new patreon version (v0.28) it has A LOT of events and new stuff  so remember to check that out. And if you're able to support me making this game I would be so grateful! Even spreading the word of this game helps. It is a passion project and people who support me make it possible for me to work on it with monthly updates!


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Apr 03, 2021
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Apr 03, 2021

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I have a save file from 0.8 and i pasted it in "www" in the 0.9 update but it seems to still say i have to wait for 0.9 when i load in my save file

That's strange, where does it say to wait for 0.9

I Think it was the cave but it wasn't worked on yet which made me feel like an idiot my bad

I keep getting an error message whenever I want to go to the inventory or equip things, the game crashes and an error message appears in the game, I've had this bug for a while, would there be a way to fix it, or does it mean that I have to start the game all over again ?

Your previous save is from what version? If it's before 0.7 version, it won't work.


it could well be that this was version 0.7, in any case I now know why the game no longer works properly, I will then simply start from scratch, thanks for the reply, and I really enjoy your game, I love this pixel look~

hello how do i get the swimsuit?

Open the chest next to the diving spot in the southern part of the beach map

but i opened every chest in the beach

It's the speedo, you need to equip them on Adventurer. You get them from the chest that's in the Southern part of the beach map.

okey thx

Sooo~~ where can i find the swimsuit btw :)

It's in the chest on the beach. Just follow the waterline and go South.

ty so much :D