Stuff about SoT public build 0.10


Just a few things about the new build you might be wondering about.

Bound and Ready -event.

-The bound and ready event is for 0.11 build, so January's build.

Market hall quest magician.

-The magician is for 0.11 as well.

Ryler's crafting problems.

-Some of the Ryler craftables are only going to be foundable in 0.11 and 0.12! So you are not be able to craft everything in 0.10

Screen is black or there is a yellow text saying something. Game is locked with multiple main characters.

Are you playing on PC? If yes, did you try to bring an older save from 0.9 or before to this newer build?

-The game is made for PC so it might not work with other platforms, sorry I can't help you there. Older saves might not work, because there has been so many changes to the database from last year, the engine can't handle it. Sucks, but I have warned about it before hand!

The text box disappeared and the game is "paused", but audio is still playing.

-You must've hidden the text by pressing CTRL. Hiding text is there so you can see the full art work of events, the game also warns you about it at the start of the game and in Safen!

I can't find some events in the backroom of the rewatch house.

The events in the glory hole are randomized and you can see what event is in the stall from the number above the right stall. Just go out of the bathroom and go back in to roll again!

Get Small On Top


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Wulfrick has long legged birdo's voice when they mention about "Wulfrick growling" at Logtown

Love your work!

So sad thing...

my game crashes when it arrives in town, is it a bug?

Are you using old saves? Older saves don't work in the new phase.

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can I convert 0.9.1 save file to 0.10? 🥲🥲🥲 I really don't want to play game from the start 😅

Sadly it won't work because too much has changed.

:( that is so sad

For now so whenever a new update comes out we have to start from scratch? this is quite costly :(

saves from 0.10 will work on 0.11 and 0.12

Oh, fine... ^^


Its a fun game to play and looking forward for continuation of this title. The only thing I wish that possibly could be looked into is the safe file would carry over automatically onto the updated version of the game. By all means i do not mean it in a negative way and it won't stop me from playing but it's just my personal opinion.....Keep Up The Great Work!!!!!!!!